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Google Chrome redirects http to https

Sometimes Google Chrome automatically redirects http request to https, this happens when the website had configured SSL credentials and for some reason it doesn't now. So, Chrome assumes the website still has https hence the internal redirection. How to fix it? Go to Chrome's address bar...


Mondays and how to love them.

Image by So, I’m at the office cafeteria, then I hear two colleagues, never seen them before… Colleague 1: Hey Ryan! how are you today? Colleague 2: I’m good… for a Monday. Suddenly that brings me to write this, what’s about Mondays? Why do people hate it so...


What really matters

It doesn't matter what you do 9-5, it matters what you do 9-12, when kids are sleep! Keep that in mind. Go forward, never give up, keep fighting!   Remember that, Christian