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Some thoughts about project management, ai, software engineering and other technologies in my radar.



10 tips for working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, literally half of the planet is now secluded. Commute is now a strange word, wild animals roaming the streets, and a strange silence is now in place where it used to be laughs, music, joy or just construction noise. I'm one of the lucky few who can still work from...


10 lessons learned while running a forum

Introduction As a professional, there might be a time in your career where enough is not enough, you may want to be part of something bigger, as for example, a community of mind-liked individuals. Joining professional communities in your local area might be a good start but when you think big,...


What really matters

This is a note to myself about what really matters entrepreneur-wise. It doesn't matter what you do 9-5, it matters what you do 9-12, when kids are sleep! Keep that in mind. Go forward, never give up, keep fighting! Remember that, Christian