I’m at the office cafeteria, then I hear two co-workers:

  • Hey Ryan! how are you today?
  • I’m good… for a Monday.

Suddenly that brings me to write this, what’s about Mondays? Why do people hate it so much? Why not Tuesdays or Wednesdays? I’ll be bold here and say: It’s because on Monday’s we do things we do not want to do!

  • Mondays: Aggghhh I have to go to work, I have to go to school.
  • Fridays: Yeah! I’m free!

So why? Is it because we relate work/study to a prison where we’re convicted Mondays to Fridays when our freedom is given back?

Don’t you love what you do? What would you love to do? If you can do that from Monday to Friday…. would you be thankful for doing that (every Monday)?

“Watch your words, watch what you say about yourself, words are powerful” — Les Brown

Maybe these are just expressions with deep roots in our lexicon, you know, like “you know” when we don’t know they’re there. Expressions pass from generation to generation… if you think about it… generations way back to world depression, after WWII, only 70 years ago. Can you imagine what those generations had to say about Mondays in those conditions?

I grew up in a country that’s always in crisis (no matter if the oil barrel is in $20 or $200), that’s what I hear from my parents, my aunts, my friends… “things are difficult, very difficult”. However, there are people in the same country that flourish, that work hard, and get results… they do not complain, neither do they listen to people that complain, they just work hard and build their future.

“Success leaves clues” — Tony Robbins

So, going back to prison, wait, you do not want to be in prison! (right?) so change your words… Try “I’m going to work” instead of “I have to work”, Try “I can do better” instead of “things are difficult”, and, you’ll notice how things start to change, for good.

Guess what, Mondays are innocent, not guilty… and for better or worse… they’ll be here for the rest of our lives… and life is short, really short, (go ahead many years to your death bed… would you like to have a least one more day even if it’s a Monday?) we better start enjoying Mondays… doing what we love, and, if we cannot do what we love, at least change your words.

“Change your mind, and it will change your life” — Tyrese Gibson

So, today is Monday, let’s work, let’s study, let’s smile, let’s push though, let’s fight, let’s enjoy….shall we?

I wish you the best Monday ever!

Christian Mendieta