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How to deploy websites using Wordpress and Docker

"It’s about time", I thought early 2020 when decided to refresh this personal website. Started looking into “serverless” alternatives, yet I couldn’t find any compelling stacks to adopt, I’m still attracted to the idea of the zero-cost

Mondays, and how to love them.

I’m at the office cafeteria, then I hear two co-workers: * Hey Ryan! how are you today? * I’m good… for a Monday. Suddenly that brings me to write this, what’s about Mondays? Why do people hate it so

What really matters

This is note to myself about what really matters: entrepreneurship. It doesn't matter what you do 9-to-5, it matters what you do 9-to-12, when kids are sleep. Keep that in mind, move forward, never give up, keep fighting! Remember that,

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